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At Godson Athletics, everything is about precision and timing. We would like to train our athletes 4 times a week, but we understand not every athlete will have that availability and time.  We put together our workouts based on 3 factors. We base it on the athlete themselves, the sport played, and the availability during the week. For example, if an athlete only comes 1 time a week, more than likely we will focus on lower body and core for that 1 day. Compared to an athlete who can come 4 times a week, this will be divided into 2 lower body days, and 2 upper body days. 



All our athletes go through a fitness assessment to measure their vertical jump and body fat. We then use this down the line to measure the growth overtime. Here at Godson Athletics, we do not test on a regular basis. Yes, we test in the beginning, but after that we do not test often unless the athlete requests so. Reason being is because so many people get caught up in numbers and how high an athlete's vertical is, we often forget how important everything else is.  We are training for overall explosiveness and quickness here at Godson Athletics, we are not training just to increase the vertical jump. 

Tedric Johnson has a lot of experience with being around great athletes. Johnson, who is a former Division 1 basketball player at The University of Texas At El Paso, has endured competition and experienced different training methods first hand. His time at UTEP has helped him watch and endure how athletes train from ALL different sports, and understands how each sport requires a different approach. 


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