Here at Godson Athletics, we use a lot of movements to pre-exhaust the muscles we want to target, followed by an exercise. Reason behind this is to get muscle groups working harder than normal, and get maximum results. Most programs will start off with immediate heavy lifting and the improper training methods when your muscles are not ready. For example, some programs will put plyometric box jumps in the beginning of the training schedule because trainers assume that is the fastest way to improve the vertical jump. However in reality, you will not achieve the maximum result because your muscles are not trained and ready to do those plyometric box jumps. Jumping takes a certain technique and we want to make sure our athletes jump with proper form while preventing injuries.


 No matter what sport you play whether it’s from basketball to hockey, we are training the body to be explosive from all angles.  Some of our training techniques will be familiar to athletes, other techniques may be something you have never seen or done before. However, at the end of the day we do guarantee results to all of our athletes if you're willing to show up, and work hard.

At Godson Athletics, we incorporate Vertimax training into our workout sessions. The Vertimax is one of the fastest and effective ways to improve explosive first step quickness, speed and agility, vertical jumping, and overall explosiveness. It allows athletes to work their upper and lower body utilizing multiple resistance bands. Using the resistance bands teaches athletes how to become more explosive while incorporating balance and power. The Vertimax works for athletes in all sports, but the sessions will be sport specific. Godson Athletics is one of the few sports performance facilities in El Paso that offers Vertimax training for athletes. 

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